Who are BattleWorld?
28 ноября 2021 г. в 05:30

Hello my dear friends!

We are the BattleWorld team and now we will tell you a little about ourselves.

Before that, we were developing websites and some engines of various MMO games. Now the moment has come when we have to come out of the shadows and declare our existence to everyone. We plan to create not a single game, there will be enough of them so that people from different countries of the world can find something to their liking. 

The first game will be an MMORPG.

This collection will be the starting point of our journey to the metaverse. Only together we can reach unprecedented heights and show how cool we are. There is already a first version of the card game, but you will be able to see it only after the collection has been successfully minted. 

A lot of work is planned. And we have already built a small plan on our website. You can see the plans for the first quarters of 2022. Also, immediately after the minting, several contests will be launched and they will be large-scale and explosive.


Follow us on Twitter and be aware of all the events that will take place with us.